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The Wild Woman's Circle®

Updated: Aug 9, 2022

An experiential engagement into who you are as a woman.

What is the Wild Woman's Circle®?

Based on the body of work of Michaela Boehm, the Wild Woman's Circle® is an invitation to re-wild yourself through embodiment practices, relational engagement, and sacred ritual. The Wild Woman, as defined in this work 'is connected to all things in nature, including her own body, whom she cares for and utilizes as an instrument of perception. She represents the part of each woman that comes from nature and is part of nature. This looks and feels different for each woman...and no two are ever alike'.

"A circle of women holds ancient the sense that such circles are the oldest form of communication among women." - Michaela Boehm,Author of 'The Wild Woman's Way' & creator of the Wild Woman's Circle®

What is the difference between a Non-Linear Movement class and a Wild Woman's Circle?

They are similar in that they are both experiential embodiment practices, however, there are more components that make up a Wild Woman's Circle (WWC). There is more time and space for personal exploration through the embodiment practices and reflective journaling, as well as a chance to allow that learning to integrate through sharing and being witnessed. There is also a ritual portion in each WWC as a meaningful way to engage with practices that invite subtle and sacred realms.

A Wild Woman's Circle as a practice for lasting change.

I remember the first time I heard Michaela say to truly integrate something new or to make a lasting change, three important aspects were needed; cognitive understanding, emotional resonance, and somatic learning. I remember it because at that moment I felt it land deeply in my body. It made so much sense.

"To this day, when women come together, the magic of this longstanding, shared cultural experience is effortlessly remembered when we sit together. Our bodies remember. We still resonate with one another." - Michaela Boehm

When I think of a circle of women, I feel the definition of emotional resonance. I have learned so much from the circles that I have been a part of - from showing up and sharing what is real, what is up, and what is true at that moment. Whether it be through one of the regular circles with the women I know and love, or a short check-in during a workshop from someone I've never met, there is always resonance. There is usually something that I relate to, like a similar story or experience, and there is always something new that I learn, like a new perspective or idea.

In our culture, the way our learning systems are structured is through cognitive understanding (i.e. school). It continues to be (primarily) the manner in which we, as adults, engage with the world of personal growth work. But if we are truly on a journey of self-growth, the manner in which we learn and integrate for lasting change cannot be from the mind alone.

My dear friend and soul-sister, Heather, once said to me, "The feminine is so experiential". It is so true. It's why these practices and everything you experience with them can sometimes be difficult to describe. They are meant to be felt (somatic learning). It is through the felt sense that new information is processed and integrated into your whole being.

Another important aspect of a circle is that it can be a place to practice speaking or sharing only what you want, what feels right and true for you at that moment. Which could mean not speaking at all. It is a place to practice showing up not how you think you should, or with the 'right' words, but simply showing up exactly as you are. It is a place where we are able to practice unwinding the habits or conditioning of how we relate to others, in a group, or with other women.

A circle of women holds ancient magic. It is a sacred container that holds the potential for growth and lasting change. Click here to join me in the circle.

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