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Back To Basics: How Your Body Becomes Your Ally.

Updated: Oct 5, 2022

We live in a time when the number of responsibilities we have and the amount of stress we endure every day is normalized. In order to accomplish everything, we often have to disconnect from our bodies. In order to do, we cannot also feel. And this is completely understandable. The mind is put in charge of what (priorities) and how (strategy) things get done. We were never taught how to have the capacity to include the body as well as the mind. As a result, we live our lives by pushing, grasping, striving and surviving.

Yet the body is not just the vehicle that carries us through our life. It is a complex system that is connected to every aspect of our life. It contains untapped resources and information. Information that is unique and personalized to each body individually. But what are those resources? How do we get access to that information?

It can be an uncomfortable or confusing process at first, to approach the body in a new way. It can cause anxiety to even think about what might happen when we turn inward to access our inner world. What might be uncovered or revealed? Possibly past events or emotions that have been suppressed or repressed. (The things we had to put aside to move forward at the time).

The most important thing to remember is that the body is more intelligent than the mind and to trust that your body will move you through the process of reconnection at a pace that is appropriate for you. Embodiment or somatic work is subtle because the body (vs the mind) is leading the way. It is also experiential, which means we can't plan or predetermine how it is going to go. We have to show up for the process, and just be in it. That is why the way in which you show up for the body, the way in which you cultivate a new relationship, is more effective if it is done consistently.


I have designed a series of 4 Mini-Workshops this fall to explore fundamental aspects of embodiment work through the Non-Linear Movement Method® There will be one workshop per month from September through December. Each workshop will begin with an NLMM® practice with time for Q & A. Each session can be taken as a standalone workshop but the series is designed to be a 4-month long exploration - where you develop your own daily at-home practice as well. When you sign up, you will receive my new guidebook, "How to Build Your Own At-Home Practice" to support you in getting started.

BACK TO BASICS will explore

  • The practice of sensitizing and being with what is (instead of what you want it or think it should be) as an essential tool for life.

  • Getting to know your nervous system, and why it matters.

  • Building the skills of somatic work; discernment, the felt sense and employing the right use of the mind.

  • Exploring the unique ways your body communicates to you.


Sept.18, Oct.16, Nov.13, & Dec.11

10 - 11:30 am MST

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