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“In the body, we carry instinctive information that is far deeper than what we can conceive of in our minds.”

Michaela Boehm

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The Non-Linear Movement Method®

Moving your attention inward. Reclaiming your inner knowing.

Non-Linear Movement is a powerful method to discover a deeper intimacy with your body, mind and soul. As a tool for embodiment, this non-imposing practice gives your body the permission and freedom to move exactly as it wants to. Non-linear movement allows your body to attune to and articulate its unique wisdom, creating an essential guidance system for your life.


The Non-Linear Movement Method® is a deep, powerful approach to;


  • Smooth out the nervous system

  • Process and identify emotions

  • Release trauma patterns into flow

  • Awaken erotic energy and sensual sensation

  • Unite mind and body in intimacy

  • Create high bodily responsiveness

  • Open access to bodily wisdom



Non-Linear Movement sessions are offered online, in the privacy, and comfort of your own space.


Online group classes + private sessions available.

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The Online Group Class

Experience both privacy and community in this online group class. Consistent practice creates an increased capacity for holding all that emerges in life. Explore the beautiful techniques of Moving What You’re Feeling, Release, Calling In & Pleasure.


Monday, November 1 ~ Free Class "A Moving Prayer"

7:30 pm  - 9:30 pm MST (Sign up here through this link)

Sunday, November 7

10 -11 am MST

Sunday, November 14

10 - 11 am MST

Sunday, November 21

10 - 11 am MST

*See below to sign up for the WWC Monthly Drop-In Class*

 See below

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The Wild Woman’s Cicle®

Embodiment, Ritual & Resonance Among Women

“We can re-wild ourselves back to our original nature: the place we started from, before layers of doing, pushing, and obligation clouded over who we are.”

Michaela Boehm

The Wild Woman’s Circle® is a gathering of women to collectively practice embodied movement, sacred ritual, and self-inquiry for personal empowerment and a deeper understanding of who you are as a woman. Connect with these simple practices and integrate bodily learning into your daily life.


The Wild Woman’s Circle® is a supportive space where you can;


  • Cultivate more flow in your daily life

  • Discover how nature arises through you

  • Experience bodily resonance and learning through sharing

  • Learn ritual and the mystery of feminine arts

  • Explore your vitality through movement

  • Discover the ‘sacred ordinary’ in your life

  • Feel seen and heard as you share your self-inquiry 

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The Wild Woman’s Circle® Online

This is a monthly online drop-in event where we gather together to create a sacred space to explore the beautiful practices of the Wild Woman's Circle. Bring your friends, let's go deeper together. 

Sunday, November 28

10 am - 12 pm MST

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The Wild Woman’s Circle® - For Widows

This is a unique space for widows to explore the WWC practices that also included the very unique considerations for life as a widow. This is an intimate and closed group where we gather once per month online. Only 12 spots available. 

Waitlist requests are currently being taken.

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Widowhood & Sacred Empowerment

One on One Mentorship

“Most experiences are unsayable, they happen in a space that no word has ever entered” 


The Indo-European root word of widow means 'be empty'. The loss of a partner is a devastating whole life change...because absolutely everything changes. In my experience, I felt the 'empty' in the hopelessness that accompanies death, in the cultural conditioning of being alone, and in the eventual fade into the background of the life I had been living. I experienced tremendous self-consciousness from being left behind and felt deeply alone as I navigated all the unsayable moments of life after death. 


Reflecting on my journey through widowhood has led me to believe that every step taken after loss is actually sacred, and that being held and witnessed in each of those steps is necessary. I believe being seen and heard while navigating the many facets of widowhood, regardless of how much time has passed, is necessary for finding a truly empowered stand in your life. 


I believe the world would be a better place

if the definition of the word widow was actually

‘Sacred Empowerment’

I invite you to lead your life as it is now, coming from the depth of your experience, having spaciousness for your grief and resilience for all that your life continues to ask of you.
Here are some of the areas we can explore while working one-on-one;


The “practical”  - feeling secure in a new foundation                        
  • Reestablish your financial structure in a way that can support you and your life now

  • Find clarity in areas of disorganization or confusion with insurance, money, assets & property     

  • Be held through all of the transformations within your physical space(s)

  • Be supported in what it means for you to be a solo parent if you have children


The “not so practical” - grounding into who you are through embodiment
  • Identify and process emotions as they come and go, or get stuck

  • Build your capacity to release emotions and to tend to grief, overwhelm, or trauma

  • Allow your bodily wisdom to come “online” as a primary source of guidance

  • Rediscover vitality, joy, and aliveness within your body



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“Only by getting in touch with your body, by connecting viscerally with yourself, can you regain a sense of who you are, your priorities and values.” 

Bessel van der Kolk, M.D.