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Practicing Embodiment
Move. Listen. Trust.

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Intuition = Embodied Decision Making

"Follow your intuition," "Listen to your heart," "Go with your gut"
This advice is often given, but what does it actually mean?

Where does your intuition come from? What does your heart sound like? How do you know when your gut is speaking to you? 

They are all ways of referring to being connected to our bodily wisdom, however, it is advice built on the assumption that we already have that kind of reciprocity with our body. It also assumes we can access that information on demand.


I believe most people have had an experience of bodily wisdom, but we still live in a world that conditions us to rely heavily on our minds for everything. There are actually many logical reasons why we become so disconnected from our body's knowledge and authentic power, and trauma is just one of them. However, there comes a time when we can no longer rely on the mind alone to help move us forward in life or provide resolution from our past.   

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I believe bodily wisdom is available to everyone but it is a choice to discover, practice, and cultivate. Developing your skill of the felt sense and getting to know your inner world takes practice, patience, and trust. 

“In the body, we carry instinctive information that is far deeper than what we can conceive of in our minds.”

Michaela Boehm

The Non-Linear Movement Method®
Moving your attention inward. Reclaiming your inner knowing. 

The Non-Linear Movement Method®, created by Michaela Boehm, is a powerful somatic practice where you will discover a deeper intimacy with your body, mind, and soul. As a tool for embodiment, this non-imposing practice gives your body the permission and freedom to move exactly as it wants to. 


The Wild Woman’s Circle®
Embodiment, Ritual & Resonance Among Women 

The Wild Woman’s Circle® is a uniquely designed gathering for women to collectively practice embodied movement and sacred ritual. It offers practices of self-inquiry for personal empowerment and a safe place to share, be held, and witnessed.  A Wild Woman’s Circle® is founded on the mysteries of the feminine arts. You can read more about the WWC here, and contact me here if you are interested in joining a circle already in progress or if you are interested in gathering your own women for me to lead you. Discover the ‘Sacred Ordinary’ in your life. 

Contact me if you are interested in joining a regular circle.

“We can re-wild ourselves back to our original nature: the place we started from, before layers of doing, pushing, and obligation clouded over who we are.”

Michaela Boehm

At-Home Daily NLMM® Practice
The Guidebook

Developing a daily practice opens up a place to begin a new relationship with your body. One that will help cultivate your abilities to feel, sense, and listen in new ways, leading to your unique bodily wisdom and the rediscovery of self-trust. 

The impact of daily practice will help you to;

  • Develop your felt sense as a useful skill - the ability to recognize and discern what you feel in your body.

  • Understand your nervous system and all the ways in which it “runs the show”.

  • Cultivate a new sense of safety within your body through your nervous system.

  • Learn about your unique emotional system - the ability to identify, process, and release emotions, as well as discern what is current or outdated.

  • Tend to the energies in your body and allow them to inform and guide you.

The NLMM® pairs very nicely with other somatic work or talk-centered therapies. It gives you the ability to cognitively understand whatever you are working with and then move and integrate the process forward through the body. 


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Image by Ilona Kovalkova

Live Classes, Programs & Workshops
Online & In-Person

Drop into a space where you can be held and guided deeper into your inner experience. 
THE 2023 MINI-WORKSHOP SERIES...coming soon
The Emotional Body

This series of mini-workshops will use the Non-Linear Movement Method®​ to explore the energy of EMOTIONS through the fundamentals of this embodiment practice. Cultivate a deeper understanding of your emotional body within your own unique internal landscape - and how it can provide guidance. We will cover the pillars that support the implementation of daily practice and how an NLMM practice combines well with other healing therapies to benefit your overall healing goals.


Stay tuned for the next online series;
The Emotional Body.


Stay tuned for the next in-person workshop collaboration.

“Only by getting in touch with your body, by connecting viscerally with yourself, can you regain a sense of who you are, your priorities and values.” 

Bessel van der Kolk, M.D.

Image by Ilona Kovalkova

The Language of Energy

After many years of interest and dedicated study in the systems of Astrology and Human Design, I have created an offering that captures the information in both systems to help you understand your unique energy; how it exists in you and through you naturally, and how best to utilize it for living authentically.


No one system is everything. Looking through this lens is not meant to create fixed identities or labels, but simply to get a better sense or understanding of yourself. It is meant to evoke a sense of permission and freedom. 

Image by Allef Vinicius
Astrology - The language of archetypal energy from the sky. 

Astrology studies the positions of the luminaries and planets as they move through the sky above and the impact they have on our lives below. Astrology can give you a better sense of yourself, your personality, and the direction and events of your life. Seeing yourself through the lens of your Birth Chart (the position of the planets at the moment of birth) can help you make sense of why you are the way you are; your needs, motivations, strengths & challenges. 


Human Design - The language of energy within the body. 

Human Design is a system for understanding and harnessing your personal energy. It is literally how you are wired, or how you are energetically designed. Understanding the main aspects of your Human Design Chart will point you to the ways in which you are meant to use your energy as well as how best to make decisions for your life. 


The Language of Your Energy - A Reading

This reading provides a brief introduction to Astrology and Human Design through your personal charts. Designed to orient you through an energetic lens, this reading will reveal your unique energetic blueprint and invite permission to BE what is already innately within you. This reading is ideal for you if you are looking to fortify your understanding of yourself. What is often revealed is how the parts of yourself you've been in conflict with, are actually unique gifts.  

 *It is necessary for this reading that you know your birth information;

date, time of day & location*

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