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Where I’m From.


I am the youngest of three kids in a family with a strong Norwegian lineage. Just like my parents, my ancestors were resilient, hard-working people, as well as musicians, artists, and intellectuals. Growing up I was an independent, athletic kid that got along well with everyone and always gravitated to my elders. Seeking wisdom started early for me.


I followed my most profound experience of inner knowing directly to the man I married. I am the mother of our two beautiful children and have spent all my motherhood years as an entrepreneur. In 2012, I was utterly broken open when my husband, my beloved partner in life, love, and business, died in one unexpected and devastating impact. 


Love, Legacy, and What Now?

My late husband was a man who was guided by his own enthusiasm, which was very inspiring, sometimes frustrating, and always an adventure. My life did not begin with him but he was the point that everything ran toward, and now the point at which everything flows from.

And what is the legacy of those we’ve loved if not this type of center point in our lives?


For years after he died, I would circle back to the question, "What Now?" I took over running our life, our family, and our company on my own. I can see how I was trying to orient myself. Looking back at those years, at all that I was holding and responsible for, I can’t believe I asked so much of myself. It is a challenging task to lead a life that was designed and built in partnership, on your own. It took many years to let go and sell off the life we had built as consciously as I could. And then in 2018, with only my own choices ahead of me, I asked myself "Now What?".

" 'Tis a human thing, love, A holy thing, To love, What death can touch."
Judah Halevi

Image by Amir Hanna

Now What?  

Maybe the better, more sacred question becomes, What does life want from me?  


I am curious. I naturally seek and gather information. 


I love the language of energy and the stories that it tells. 


My goal is to live in the sacred ordinary. My passion is to support women to be grounded in their own daily flow instead of a daily grind. I am motivated by depth - to get to the core of it, the realness, the truth. And I know that it can be intense at the bottom.


This is soul-level work. It has its own timing.

It has its own way.