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Image by Jay Mantri

Hi, I’m Kirsten 


I am many things. And in this particular place that you have arrived (Welcome!), I am a teacher.


I am someone who investigates thoroughly, practices daily, and shares what I learn in an easy-to-understand and organized approach. I immerse myself in both my learning and my practice to truly be able to teach well.  


I am an Embodiment Teacher & Practitioner and a Facilitator of Woman’s Circles. I offer regular classes and programs (online and in-person), and lead and collaborate in workshops. The motivation for what I teach comes from my real-life experiences as a woman, a widow, a mother & solo parent, and an entrepreneur. 

My journey of healing through embodiment began at a time when I was seeking resolution for chronic pain and immobility due to Osteoarthritis. What I found was the depth of disconnect that actually existed between my body and mind. A disconnect created unconsciously from constant stress and overwhelm, not knowing how to resolve emotional events and traumas.   

What I offer is a pathway to understanding and owning bodily wisdom, and its ability to heal. My intention is for people to stop looking outside themselves for the resolution they seek, and to understand how self-healing will lead to lasting change.  

I am a great lover of the (my) mind..hence the symbol for Mercury in my logo.


Seeking wisdom has always captivated me. And yet the whole reason I am here now, in this place, is that I discovered how wisdom does not reside in the mind alone. I discovered how the body holds all the information it needs, to thrive. But don’t get me wrong, the mind matters - and I can teach the right use of the mind when it comes to somatic work.

This part of my life is about leadership, the kind of impact I want to make, and how I choose not to let the things that have happened in my life take me away from who I am here to be; to live in the Sacred Ordinary, to respond to each moment and what it is asking of me, and to offer my unique gifts the best I can. 

Life is too short to be single-focused.

...said every Gemini everywhere.

Some other things about me… 

I feel energy deeply and have a unique ability to see how energies occur through people individually and relationally. The language of energy is felt and hard to articulate, so I am always interested in systems that have structured ways to define and describe energy. I love the languages of Astrology and Human Design, and everything I continue to learn from them always affirms me.

I am a Generator with Sacral Authority. I am an open emotional, which in Human Design calls the True Empath.

I am a Gemini Sun, Capricorn Moon & Scorpio Rising and I have come to know and love all of these aspects of myself.

I am great with words but  as a Scorpio Rising, I would prefer not to share anything about myself, ever...I’ve had to step out of hiding to show up here.

“Leadership is not given to the few - it’s inside all of us, and life is all about unleashing that leadership”

- Halla Tomasdottir

I probably trust you more if you’ve been through something… if you’ve been surrendered by something. 


I probably take everything too seriously, but love to laugh and feel a certain pride when I make others laugh. 


If you are witty, you’ve got my attention (and affection). 


I am responsible and ambitious, and I love structure. Having a routine nourishes me, which is why I have a daily practice. The early morning is my favourite time of day...There is just something about the dawn of the day that fills my soul.

Image by Daiga Ellaby

My Thoughts on the Journey of Widowhood

“Most experiences are unsayable,
they happen in a space that no word has ever entered”

- Rilke

I navigated so many unsayable moments after the death of my husband. There were so many that I didn’t know what to do with them all. The loss of a partner is a devastating whole life change...because absolutely everything changes. It is appropriate that the Indo - European root of the word widow means 'be empty'.  In my experience, I felt 'empty' in the hopelessness that accompanied death, in the cultural conditioning of being alone, and in how I faded into the shadows of the life I had built. 

What I know now.

I know that every step taken after loss is sacred. I believe knowing it and feeling it as such is necessary for empowered healing. And although it may be considered subversive in current widowhood culture, I believe it is essential to be seen and heard while you navigate the path. It took me a long time to learn that being truly held and witnessed through the journey is what creates the space for things to transform. So yes, to be widowed is to be ‘emptied’ in a way no one else can comprehend, but it is also an initiation. One where both life and death are asking something of you. I believe becoming a widow is an initiation into Sacred Empowerment. 

Image by Amir Hanna
I offer my humble respect and deepest gratitude to each of the women who have held and witnessed me transform through all these years of widowhood. I love you.
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